Bee print draught excluders!


Bee print draught excluder is the perfect addition to a cosy, country or modern theme home.  I make the draught excluders are a simple rectangle  making it easy to fit into any home.


Fabric: linen look canvas


Weight: 1kg of rice plus stuffing (approximately 500g at each end)


Draught Excluder Size: approximately 33 inches x 6 inches


These draught excluders will be part of a larger collection of items including doorstops, cushions and book covers



Custom orders available! I am always on the look-out for new ideas and designs, or new fabric designs and textures. In addition, I would be happy to hear if you have any suggestions or product/design ideas of your own.


I have been taking bespoke orders for items and have been experimenting with various other ideas, so would be happy to discuss any other items you think would be of interest to you, or that would be useful and interesting additions to your home or as a gift.



Your bee doorstop or draught excluders will be sent within 3 days of placing your order and are shipped via royal mail.



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Bee Print Draught Excluder


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