Hellooooo World

Updated: May 29, 2019

Hellooooo World!

Now, to start this blog off I'm going to do the traditional 'tell you about myself' part, my story. So here goes nothing...

Hi, I'm Tia,

I'm a young adult starting out in life with the ambition to create my own successful sewing business. For years I've always dreamed of being a business owner and working for myself. Ever since I was tiny, I have had a creative streak, I was always drawing or making things, so to do something that combines both my passions is amazing.

When I was young I went through so many phases of art, drawing, painting and making. However, I discovered sewing in high school when I was 14 and I loved it. I have sewn on and off ever since. Youtube has always been the place where I've gone to learn the basic techniques and when I went onto college to do A-level fashion and textiles, I learnt the more advanced skills. Both of these have proved extremely useful for the variety of projects I have set myself over the years.

In 2018 I finally made the decision to do it. To create a business doing the thing I love most; sewing. I thought to myself if I don't do it now I never will, I have to do it while I have the opportunity, I've always been the one to play it safe and I finally chose to take a risk. So after some encouragement and a LOT of research. I did it. I chose not to go on to university and started up my own business.

Its called Homemade By Me Boutique, hence the name of my blog. I started off sewing cushions, then explored pencil cases, drawstring bags and makeup bags. Now, almost a year on I've moved more towards homeware items such as doorstops, draught excluders and cushions as well as book covers, wash bags and multiple other items.

So thats my story and my year so far and you know what? It is the best thing I have ever done. I would encourage each one of you to follow your dream as you might find you'll get further than you first thought.

Until next time,


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