My Business Goals 2019

Updated: May 29, 2019

To make my business more successful this year I've thought of a few things I'd like to achieve or make a habit of. So, here are my 2019 goals.

1. To stock some or all of my items in a shop successfully

To stock some of my work in a shop is a dream of mine and when I say I want to do this successfully, I mean to earn money or have much more interest in my business. I have stocked my work in a shop before, however I realised I was paying a huge amount to be there and wasn’t getting even close to selling enough to make any money, which became a huge financial strain. 

So, this year I would like to stock in a shop and for it to be successful.

2. Have a place at Devon County Show

If you don’t know what Devon County Show is, it’s a huge fair at Westpoint arena, Exeter, Devon. There is a huge craft and gardens marquee, loads of food and drink, farm animal shows and competitions, a fun fair, and loads of trade stands. There’s an average of 90,000 people to attend over the three days which would be a huge opportunity for the promotion of my business and sales. 

I have recently received an email saying I do have a place! I am so excited I can’t even believe it’s true! Hopefully it will be a success and give a boost to my business.

3. Complete my website and blog

To complete my website has been on my mind for almost a year, as you can now see I have managed to complete this goal already! I bought my domain name in June 2018, so it’s been a long process but recently I dedicated a few days to finally finishing the contents, uploading photos and finishing a few blog posts to finally make it ready to go live!

4. Post regularly on social media

Posting on social media regularly I sometimes find very difficult. I try to photograph all my new makes of the week on a Friday. Sometimes this goes well as I’ve completed loads of different things however, sometimes I do more admin and prep instead of finishing items. So, this year instead of posting everyday one week and nothing the next I am going to try to spread out the number of items I photograph each week making it more consistent

5. Network and collaborate with other businesses to promote business and products

Another goal I have is to work with other small businesses to help promote others as well as helping my own business grow at the same time. 

6. Start an email newsletter/weekly email mail list

Starting an email list is something I’ve never done before and I still need to read more into it but, it’s a great way to keep your name out there and people keep seeing you pop up which keeps your business awareness high.

7. Be more consistently productive

Working from home can be extremely difficult, especially when you’re trying to keep focused. There are so many distractions and other bits to do in the house that sometimes you lose half a day doing odd jobs or catching up on a tv show, of which I am guilty. I also go through phases, one week I’ll be super productive and get loads of things done and feel really accomplished. However, some weeks I just can’t get myself motivated at all and I really struggle to get much done. I think I set unrealistic lists of things to do sometimes and overwhelm myself. So, in order to keep myself productive I am going to write smaller lists and try to over achieve on them instead of feeling like I’m drowning in work.

8. Understand and get better with SEO

I know what SEO is and I understand how to use the basics, but I would like to understand it more in depth. This will hopefully get my business ranking higher and therefore increase traffic to generate more sales. 

So, there’s my goals for 2019 I hope they help inspire you or give some ideas for your own goals. What I’d like to know is what are your goals for 2019? 

Thanks for reading!

Until Next Time


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